Reverend Kenneth L. Goodrich, II

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About Ken

Ken is a second career pastor.  He received his Bachelor's degree in economics from Villanova University and a Master's in Credit and Financial Management from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.  In his first career, he served as an executive in financial management for a major oil company.

From his earliest memories, he was always involved in church.  As a kid, he was active in his youth group.  He met his wife, Joan, in church and in that youth group.  As a young executive, he and his wife moved to Philadelphia, where they joined Flourtown Presbyterian Church.  Their three children grew up in the congregation and the whole family was very active in its ministry.  There Ken served as a ruling elder and many leadership roles including Stewardship chair, Mission Outreach chair, Clerk of Session, taught Sunday School and started the Junior Church program.  He also sang in the choir and, on occasion, was the soloist.    He will tell you that over many years the Spirit nudged him, whispered to him, and finally "hit him over the head" with the call to ministry.

Ken attended the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia [Lutherans share reciprocity with Presbyterians] where he completed a Master of Divinity degree as well as taking some reformed theology courses at Princeton Theological Seminary. Ken's statement of faith follows PCUSA doctrine and creeds, including God as a triune God, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the atonement of our sins, and the Holy Spirit always present in our hears to comfort and sustain us.  He accepts the scriptures as inspired by the Holy Spirit and the final authority ruling our faith.

Ken worked as a Student Pastor for two years at Glading Memorial Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and one year at Memorial Church of Fox Chase. He served as a Pastoral Assistant at Glading Memorial for two years. Ken was ordained in 2012 and faithfully served the congregation of Providence United Presbyterian Church in Scranton, PA for four years prior to coming to Lake City in July 2016.


Ken sees himself as a "sheep dog pointing the flock in the direction of the Good Shepherd" and realizes the awesome responsibility  he has in keeping the flock pointed toward the Good Shepherd.  Ken knows the capapbilities of today's technology and uses them to extend the ministeries of the church and worship service outside of the four walls of the church.

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